Are You in Pain Right Now? I Hope This Encourages You…

The heat stabs my skin like daggers. Last time I ever go walking after 9 AM for awhile. I managed to continue my bi-weekly hour long walk I started a few weeks ago. Staying committed to something that hurts seems useless sometimes. Feeling my feet ache like they’ve been hammered with each step, feeling my neck tighten like someone’s trying to break it in half. I choose to torture myself for the hope of better health. Continue reading “Are You in Pain Right Now? I Hope This Encourages You…”


Do Things That Feel Worthwhile to You

One of the bright sunny joys of my day is when I get to write these blog posts for you all. I get to share wisdom and encouragement from the heart of my experiences in life. It feels worthwhile to me. Do you do things that feel worthwhile to you? Continue reading “Do Things That Feel Worthwhile to You”


Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable

We wake up to aches and pains knocking at the door. Our thoughts begin to move around and point out all the things we have to do. In the midst of all the activity, stress begins to wrap it’s arms around us tighter and tighter. It’s in those moments, sometimes we just have to make our human experience a little more bearable. Continue reading “Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable”