Mama said don’t slouch!

Moms, gotta love them. Always watching out so we don’t hurt ourselves. If you had a mom like mine, she told you not to slouch so much. But did you know it can affect your psychological state? We’re gonna learn often here that “If you don’t feel good inside, you don’t get good outside”.

So what does that mean? “If you don’t feel good inside, you don’t get good outside”. Think of your body like an environment. Environments require certain elements for good plants to grow. If you’re not giving yourself the elements you need in your environment, positive thoughts and feelings won’t grow. Believe it or not, a lot of simple elements can affect our ability to grow more of a positive attitude.


Posture is one of them. A recent study on those who were depressed showed that people who stay in a slumped position like the picture above, felt more low self-esteem and low energy. Low self-esteem + low energy = less motivation in life. 😦


Good news though 🙂 , there is an opposite positive effect. Those who were more up straight in their posture had boosted energy, enthusiasm, and attention in the study.

Remember what we went over in the last post about having that increased attention to see good things by believing you’re fortunate enough to get good things. Well keeping your posture up will keep you more able to have that positive mindset, and wanting to feel that positive mindset in order to get those good things.

So if mama says don’t slouch to you in the future, instead of doing it begrudgingly, tell her thank you instead. And they say expressing gratitude is good for our well being too you know. 😉


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