When I Get Rich, I’ll Catch Up On Every Single TV Show I Missed.

You’ve probably heard it before that time is your most valuable currency. Yet so often we don’t treat it like it is. And as I thought about that the idea popped into my head. When I get rich I’ll catch up on every single TV show I missed. And something in that idea felt powerful to me.

The power in it to me is that I want my time to be used in a way that benefits my future.

Finances might be the main thing that comes to mind, but more than just money, we’d all like our time to be used on things that improve our lives. Time spent running or weight lifting to improve our health. Time spent smiling with our mom, dad, sister, brother, significant other, or friends that can improve our relationships.

That TV show I watch may make me feel good in the moment as I’m seeing it, but once it’s done, there’s nothing more it will do to make my life better. The way TV shows are today, it may even have me feeling down for a while due to the content.

But most of all I don’t get that time back that I could have used to move forward on something important, like my education, my business opportunities, etc.

So while I may wonder what I missed in the latest episode of “This Is Us”, or maybe wish I could have watched the whole game of my favorite team, I know these things really don’t matter much in the grand scheme of it all. What will matter is the things that I was able to accomplish with my time, and perhaps more importantly, the loving relationships I was able to enjoy with my time.



12 thoughts on “When I Get Rich, I’ll Catch Up On Every Single TV Show I Missed.

  1. Well said! I’m a fan of Jeff Olsen’s book The Slight Edge, in which he talks about cultivating daily habits, like exercise, that benefit us, instead of momentary pleasures like watching television.

    Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Great post idea, but there are some slight benefits to watching TV shows. I feel happier and more positive after watching comedy for example, and documentaries can be educational or eye opening in a way that makes you change your life for the better.

    What are your thoughts here?


    1. Hi BetterWow. Thanks for your comment. I agree, if the content which we’re giving our attention to is helping to uplift our mood (which if our mood is better we tend to be more energized to do things) or if it’s educating us in a way that can help us be better, it can be worthwhile to spend a little time watching television occasionally. I hope the main idea that comes across here is to be aware of opportunity costs (what gains we’re giving up that could be of equal or more value than the thing we’re spending our time on) and to do our best to make whatever we use our time for be something that benefits us.


  3. This is speaking to my heart. On a few occasions I have spent an hour on netflix looking for a show worthy of my precious time. Only to have found nothing. Now I pop on a Ted talk if I feel like being lazy but getting smarter.

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