We Have to Fight and Win Battles Against the Things That Bring Us Down

Things in life try to work against us everyday. They can create dark storms in our mind,  tears in our heart, and slow us down from making the progress we want in life. But we have to fight and win battles against the things that bring us down. And there are ways we can succeed at that.

Step 1: Don’t Do Nothing

The worst thing you can do is nothing, because nothing doesn’t change anything. But we’re all guilty of doing of nothing sometimes. You’re just lying in bed, you could get up and do something to change how you feel, but because you don’t feel like it you won’t do it, and because you don’t do it you don’t feel like it even more. We can’t wait to feel like doing something, we just have to do it to change the chemistry in our minds and bodies.

Step 2: Do Something

It’s all sounding pretty simple isn’t it? But it’s amazing how some of the easiest things we can do in life can end up giving us the hardest time to do them. So what can we do? What should we do? A great writer I read once said your body is like your second mind, and if you make your body feel good, your mind will follow.

A. Don’t Dwell On The Negative

When something negative arises in your life try not to dwell on it too long, and re-shift your focus on something positive. If I see a sad story, when I finish looking at it, I go try to find a happy story. The longer we dwell on something that makes us sad or angry, the deeper we go down the hole and stay stuck in it. But imagine the reverse effect if you dwell more on some happy stories or some positive things. You might be surprised what it makes you feel more often.

B. Eat something

Particularly try to eat something healthy like fruits and vegetables, which studies have mentioned can make us happier, and try to avoid things like fast food, which some studies have shown make us more depressed and anxious. The right food can re-energize and lift up our spirits to get back to being productive. Think about the times you felt much better after you ate something.

C. Exercise

We’ve heard it a hundred times before. Exercise is good for oour health. But the emphasis is often on physical health, that it’s understated sometimes how much it may be even more good for our mental health. You probably know what I’m about to say next. Once again, studies have shown that exercise can improve our mental health and decrease the days that we end up feeling down.

Final Thought: It’s Okay To Lose

There’s a number of different things in life we can choose to focus on or do to change our emotional weather from dark clouds to sunshine. But sometimes it’s okay to just lose. We’re not gonna win every battle, because no one ever does. And for some of you, your battles might be deeper than just things getting you down once in awhile. But the hope is that we can win most of the battles and be able to stay productive in life.

We can start thinking and believing in our mind today that we do have the power to shape how we feel. The question isn’t if you can, the question is only when you will?

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