If You Ever Worry About Making People like You, This Article Is for You

You ever worry about making people like you? The boss at your work, your classmates in school, that person you like? When I was younger I used to focus on trying to impress people. But I figured out as I got older that more often than not, if you just enjoy yourself, others will tend to enjoy you too. But how do we enjoy ourselves?

Laugh at yourself

The people that enjoy themselves the most tend to be able to laugh at themselves and their life. They poke fun at situations they’ve been in, any mistake they make, or just about who they are as a person in general. And doesn’t it seem like those people you come across who laugh about their life and themselves tend to be confident?

Be passionate about the things you like

People may not always be interested in the topics you’re into, but they can get interested by your passion for what you’re into. I’ve spoken to many people who are big movie lovers. I’m not into movies myself, but whenever I’ve talked to someone who was, I always got more interested in talking about movies. So by showing your joy for your passion, you’re enjoying yourself, and by people being more interested by your passion, they’re enjoying you too.

Try to always enjoy your time

I believe you can enjoy your time doing almost anything. And when people see you know how to enjoy time in almost any situation, they tend to enjoy you because you know how to enjoy life. You might be thinking right now, “Well how can I try to always enjoy my time”? It’s as simple as doing one of two things.

1. Pointing out whatever is interesting about the situation you’re in (which can turn into interesting conversation if you’re with someone), or 2. finding a way to have fun with whatever you’re doing (which might make the people with you think to themselves, “Wow, this person is fun to be around”).

There’s no guarantee that doing all of these things will make people enjoy you. It does give you a chance to have more of a good time in life, which as I always say, “If no one else enjoys you, at least you enjoyed yourself.”


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