Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable

We wake up to aches and pains knocking at the door. Our thoughts begin to move around and point out all the things we have to do. In the midst of all the activity, stress begins to wrap it’s arms around us tighter and tighter. It’s in those moments, sometimes we just have to make our human experience a little more bearable.

See if you can remember this phrase for yourself. The little more bearable I can make life, the little more things I can do in life, and the little bit more bearable I can make life. I know what you might be thinking, it’s a mouthful of words. But perhaps if we just unpack the meaning of that thought, there might be something powerful in it for us.

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I get myself is a drink of water with a little tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The health benefits and risks are questioned among health professionals, but I know for myself when I drink it, I feel some of the aches and pains I sometimes wake up with decrease. I start to feel really relaxed, and with that little bit of relief to the experience I have to bear as a human, I’ve bought myself some energy and time to do more things in life, and make my situation even more more bearable.

And it’s almost like a cycle isn’t it? Because we build even more on our energy and time from the more things we’re doing, and we’re creating a more enjoyable life for ourselves.

Perhaps too often we look for a BIG thing to fix a lot of our mental, physical, and emotional problems. But maybe the truth is, it takes a lot of things to chip away the huge rock on our shoulders that we carry up our life mountains daily.

I encourage you to think about all the things you can do to make your life just a little more bearable. Whether it’s taking time to enjoy some music you like daily, meditating, or just drinking some tea. Like pulling a thorn out of our foot, that little more we can make life bearable could make a whole world of difference for us.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable

  1. Love this post! As a mother of two toddlers, it’s definitely the little things I have to look for at this stage. Hot tea at night is a favorite, and of course those rare quiet moments when the kids are asleep. Stepping outside for some fresh air right now. You inspired me!

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