Do Things That Feel Worthwhile to You

One of the bright sunny joys of my day is when I get to write these blog posts for you all. I get to share wisdom and encouragement from the heart of my experiences in life. It feels worthwhile to me. Do you do things that feel worthwhile to you?

Worthwhile according to the dictionary means “worth the time, money, or effort spent; of value or importance.”

What do you consider valuable and important to you? What makes you feel good when you do it? Maybe that’s something you should do more of in your week. It could be a dream you have to be successful at something. Perhaps if you did it everyday you’d have a shot at it.

With all the stuff in life we have to put our time to, whether it’s our job, our family, our finances… it’s nice to give ourselves something in our day that feels like it shined a light in it. That feels like a ray of hope that maybe will lead to bigger and greater things for us.

I encourage you to think on what is worthwhile to you, and to consider finding more time to do it. It could be a worth a lot of money someday, but if nothing else, it could be worth a gold full of meaning to you everyday.


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