Whatever Is Stressing You Right Now, It’s All Going to End Really Bad Soon…

We’re all stressed about things in life at some point. But fear not, whatever is stressing you right now, it’s all going to end really bad soon…

Some of you may have been surprised by the title. Others of you may have reacted like me, and found that statement ridiculous and maybe even laughed. If we see that statement as ridiculous, why do we end up thinking that way?

We think the worst might happen in times of stress, but we’d never tell that to somebody else who’s going through something stressful.

As the person you wake up with, you eat with, and you spend time with all day, don’t you deserve comforting thoughts like you would give to a friend?

I once subscribed to a person who sent e-mails with solutions that helped with their anxiety. One solution that stood out was the lesson which he expressed, “No matter what happens, think everything is going to be okay.” He stated, “Even if I die tonight in a brutal robbery, everything is going to be okay.”

Now of course he didn’t really want to die, but the point he was making was that he wasn’t going to let himself feel so much worry and fear about things going bad, and just accept whatever reality happens.

It’s been a calming thought to me every since, and perhaps it might be to you as well.

When we think about the sky falling down in whatever our next stressful moment is, let’s try thinking we’ll be okay, even if the sky really does fall on us.



6 thoughts on “Whatever Is Stressing You Right Now, It’s All Going to End Really Bad Soon…

  1. ” I have to die. If it is now, well then I die now; if later, then now I will take my lunch, since the hour for lunch has arrived – and dying I will tend to later” – Epictetus.

    This quote sprung to mind when I read this piece. Beautifully written – thank you.


  2. I so needed to see this today. Had a nightmare 24 hours of anxiety over something Iā€™m thinking the world is going to end over. Thank you. This pos has made me think a little differently


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