Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable

We wake up to aches and pains knocking at the door. Our thoughts begin to move around and point out all the things we have to do. In the midst of all the activity, stress begins to wrap it’s arms around us tighter and tighter. It’s in those moments, sometimes we just have to make our human experience a little more bearable. Continue reading “Sometimes We Just Have to Make Our Human Experience A Little More Bearable”

A More Meaningful Life

Hi. 🙂

I’ve been gone from this blog for a while. I started with noble purposes, but didn’t have desire to continue. I’m writing again because I’ve been having new thoughts. Like a child with a hand raised eager to be called on, I want my thoughts to be heard.

One person alone being touched by my words could potentially be a powerful force in the universe.

Someone somewhat famous I once was familiar with died. It was a death that wasn’t unexpected, but it was still sad to those who mourned. The person said they had no regrets before their time came, satisfied with the life lived.

I thought to myself, wow! That’s amazing. It inspired me.

I want to live a more meaningful life. I may not know how, but I’m reaching for that now. And I hope in this journey I write down for you, I can inspire you to reach for that meaningful life too.

Here’s a question you can ask. How can I live a more meaningful life today?

Bye for now. 🙂

west cork